Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
The Relation Between Portfolio Turnover and Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence from Thailand Pailin Yapiangplook Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
Could Morningstar Sustainability Rating be an indicator for downside protection? Purisa Ruengsrichaiya Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2020
Mutual fund recommendations on fund flows and returns Rachapoom Karnasoot Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
The Impact of Inflation on Stock Returns in Stock Exchange of Thailand Chayaporn Tocharoen Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
How Many Mutual Funds Do You Need to Create a Diversified Portfolio? Rujira Lertsawatwong Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
Impacts of US macroeconomic announcements on Thai bond markets Jaturapat Thanaboot Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
Impact of ESG ratings on the borrowing cost, Evidence from Asia-Pacific Region Nattawan Tantinakom Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
Moving Average Convergence Divergence Trading Strategy to Volatility Portfolios Raweerat Sujindanupong Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
The impact of volatility and mutual fund fees on equity mutual fund flow-performance relationship in Thailand Waritta Charoendi Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
The Dynamic Relationship Between Market Volatility and Aggregate Mutual Fund Flows Kritchaporn Lertsatchayan Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
Stock Selection, Market Timing and Morningstar Rating System Poontarika Chuaysong Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
Lottery stock and Jackpot return: Evidence from Thailand Charintip Kiatrueangchai Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
Intra-Quarter Seasonality in Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence from Thailand Jurairat Ngamlikitlert Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
Effect of portfolio concentration on mutual fund performance: Evidence from Thailand Paphawee Thongthaisin Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2018
The flow-performance relationship of ETFs in international market Thaweeporn Krailaksanawarapar Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019