Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
Does the Introduction of Equity ETFs in the Emerging Markets Improve the Liquidity of the Underlying Stocks? Luxmon Teerachannarong Tanakorn Likitapiwat - 2019
Is there risk reduction in conglomerate acquisitions? Paskamon Luntavanich Manapol Ekkayokkaya - 2019
The commitment on the stated use of IPO proceeds and long-run performance Vitaya Tangwongpatikul Kanis Saengchote - 2019
The Relation Between Portfolio Turnover and Mutual Fund Performance: Evidence from Thailand Pailin Yapiangplook Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
ARE INVESTORS TALKING TO THE MOON? Investigating the effects of the lunar phase on stock returns Pisitkorn Suthumpun Nathridee Suppakitjarak - 2019
Mutual fund recommendations on fund flows and returns Rachapoom Karnasoot Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
How does loan portfolio diversification affect bank profitability? Kornkanok Sittichobtham Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen - 2019
Characteristic Approach to High Risk Low Return Puzzle in SET Putchara Poomgumarn Kanis Saengchote - 2019
The Impact of Inflation on Stock Returns in Stock Exchange of Thailand Chayaporn Tocharoen Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
Market reaction to IFRS 9 adoption in the United States Pichaya Yodruk Nathridee Suppakitjarak - 2019
Mutual Fund Performance Attribution Using Portfolio Holdings: Case of Thai Equity Mutual Fund Noppawan Amornsri Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen - 2019
The Analysis of Long-Term Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Contract Pricing Structure Yossaran Pichiansoontorn Narapong Srivisal - 2019
Bond Market Reaction Surrounding Share Repurchase Announcement Phasaporn Kitjakarnkoson Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Impacts of US macroeconomic announcements on Thai bond markets Jaturapat Thanaboot Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2019
How does the stock market value bank diversification in Thailand? Nawarat Boonchai Tanawit Sae-Sue - 2019