Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
The commitment on the stated use of IPO proceeds and long-run performance Vitaya Tangwongpatikul Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Inside the Black Box of Financial Analysts - What drives systematic forecast optimism? Christian Schmidt Kanis Saengchote - 2020
Characteristic Approach to High Risk Low Return Puzzle in SET Putchara Poomgumarn Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Bond Market Reaction Surrounding Share Repurchase Announcement Phasaporn Kitjakarnkoson Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Costly signal in Open market repurchase: Evidence in Thailand Thanawat Anavachapongpan Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Size, Value, Momentum, Liquidity and Quality in Emerging Market Asia Stock Returns Wannavee Theerachannarong Kanis Saengchote - 2018
How does internationalization affect a firm’s cost of capital? Punyanuch Jomsubjaroen Kanis Saengchote - 2018
Firm performance and Earning Management in Chinese Reverser Merger Kittapat Thongpitak Kanis Saengchote - 2018
Dividend Increases and Stock Dividend Policy and Firm’s Default Risk Manassanant Laoritthikrai Kanis Saengchote - 2018
Determinants of Payout Policy in Selected Countries in ASEAN (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) Paleeya Thanavatanacharoen Kanis Saengchote - 2018
Funding Liquidity and Value/Momentum in Thailand Methas Asawawilaswong Kanis Saengchote - 2017
Shareholder Involvement and M&A Announcement Returns: Evidence from Thailand Chanon Thanaphumphong Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Do Investors react to Purchase Price Allocation? Nonthawan U-thisanonth Kanis Saengchote - 2019
Do corporate inversions create value? Pasicha Chamnankit Kanis Saengchote - 2017
Capital Structure Stability in Selected Southeast Asian Countries Bodeepajra Nimboonchaj Kanis Saengchote - 2017