Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
Stock return reacts to analyst recommendation: Evidence from Thailand Naruemon Sathitmetha Vimut Vanitcharearnthum - 2017
Funding Liquidity and Value/Momentum in Thailand Methas Asawawilaswong Kanis Saengchote - 2017
Firm-Specific Risk and Mutual Fund Holdings Pattranit Cherngchaosil Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen - 2017
Do high-fee funds consistently outperform? Nutdanai Yospaiboon Roongkiat Ratanabanchuen - 2017
The-turn-of-year Effect in Thai Equity Fund Performance Yongxin Lai Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2017
Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Currency Carry Trade and risk factor compensation of Currency Carry trade in G10 and Emerging Market Jirapaiboon Rattanapanurak Anirut Pisedtasalasai - 2017
Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Performance Predictability: Evidence on Skewed distribution mutual fund in Thailand Apichai Akechamanon Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Stock-return volatility and intraday equity trading by investor types in Thailand Anucha Ratanaparadorn Suparatana Tanthanongsakkun - 2017
Do corporate inversions create value? Pasicha Chamnankit Kanis Saengchote - 2017
Bank Competition and Financial Stability of Bank-based and Market-based system Evidence from Developing Country Jiramet Teekaveerakit Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Effect of DW Overpricing Level on the Efficiency of Vega-based MV Delta Hedging: Evidence from Stock Exchange of Thailand Tanapol Pitiwattanarat Sira Suchintabundid - 2017
Credit cost and cost efficiency of commercial banks Sompassorn Ruksomboonde Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Does gender of fund managers matter in Thai equity mutual fund performance? Benjamas Tippayakulpairoj Suparatana Tanthanongsakkun - 2017
Do Corporate Governance Reports of Thai Listed Companies Help Investors Avoid Stock Crash Risk? Patara Wattanasriroj Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Capital Structure Stability in Selected Southeast Asian Countries Bodeepajra Nimboonchaj Kanis Saengchote - 2017