Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
Levels of Democracy & Its Impact on Economic Development Zahin Mahmood Chowdhury Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2019
Trading Activity of Stocks in Thailand During Quantitative Easing Periods David Benkert Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2018
The Impact of Political Regimes on Government Debt Liquidity and Industry Growth Jatuporn Kerdsap Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2018
The effect of a change in monetary policy on efficiency and performance of corporate investment: Evidence from EM Asia Chattraporn Wattanasaovapak Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2018
Key determinants of movement and volatility in Government bond yield curve: Evidence from Emerging Asian Markets Piphatpon Thaveekhanarat Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2018
Bank Competition and Financial Stability of Bank-based and Market-based system Evidence from Developing Country Jiramet Teekaveerakit Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Credit cost and cost efficiency of commercial banks Sompassorn Ruksomboonde Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Financial development and bank performance Kamolmas Kantaopas Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Capital Flows and Household Credit Allocation Sunida Wongsiridetchai Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat - 2017
Democracy, Political Risk and Firm Stock Return Prakarn Rajcharoensuk Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2016
Currency Determination for Investment Strategies Karun Dansiri Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2016
The Effect of Bank Ownership Structures on Bank Stock Returns and Economic Growth Ungsuwan Sukthaworn Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2016
The Effect of Financial Market Movement on Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Emerging Market Country Srith Saetia Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2016
Global Terrorism and Expectations in Financial Market: Evidence from Thai Equity Market Ronnawat Prangtip Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2015
The influence of monetary policy on bank profitability: Evidence from Emerging economies in Asia and Latin America Yongyut Srisantisuk Pornpitchaya Kuwalairat SP 2016