Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
The Analysis of Long-Term Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Contract Pricing Structure Yossaran Pichiansoontorn Narapong Srivisal - 2019
The Effect of Petroleum and Petrochemical Prices on Abnormal Return and Firm Profitability Chansiri Pruksaphong Narapong Srivisal - 2019
Arbitrage profit from pairwise correlation: Evidence from Thailand Salinporn Dachasiriprapha Narapong Srivisal - 2020
Heterogeneity in Reactions to Monetary Policy of Thai Stock Returns Siraphop Swingthong Narapong Srivisal - 2019
The Impact of IPO on The Returns of Existing Stocks within The Same Industry and Sector: Evidence from SET100 Suchanee Kosolkitiwong Narapong Srivisal - 2018
ESG performance and credit ratings evidence from Asia-Pacific Region Natthawat Jamprasert Narapong Srivisal - 2018
Bank of Japan Intervention and its Impact on Price Efficiency of Underlying Stocks in ETFs Kunyarat Ngamboriruk Narapong Srivisal - 2019
Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Performance Predictability: Evidence on Skewed distribution mutual fund in Thailand Apichai Akechamanon Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Do Corporate Governance Reports of Thai Listed Companies Help Investors Avoid Stock Crash Risk? Patara Wattanasriroj Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Impact of Fund flows on Picking and Timing Skill of Fund Managers: Evidence from Thai Equity Fund Juthamast Sinsap Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Stock Return Predictability: Macro-Economic Regressed Sum-of-the-Parts Method Prince Ratchatasumrit Narapong Srivisal - 2017
Investor Types and Trading of the Environment, Social and Governance Stocks in the Stock Exchange of Thailand Kittikhun Taechaubol Narapong Srivisal Thesis 2016
Options Embedded in Convertible Bonds versus Exchange Traded Options: Do their Implied Volatilities Differ? Supawut Sinthawat Narapong Srivisal SP 2017
Margin and Probability of Retail Oil Price Change: Case Study in Thailand Natrada Thammawattana Narapong Srivisal SP 2016
Extensive Analysis on Pre-Holiday Effect in Stock Exchange of Thailand Bundit Kertbundit Narapong Srivisal SP 2017