Thesis Database
Title Author Advisor Type Year
Tax optimization and firm value: Evidence from Stock Exchange of Thailand Chutchanok Chuneura Jananya Sthienchoak - 2018
Excess cash and Auditor Pricing: Evidence from Thailand Napat Thamsirisup Jananya Sthienchoak - 2017
Political connection and firm performance: evidence from Chinese state-owned companies Chenyu Fang Jananya Sthienchoak - 2017
Does gender diversity in boardroom and executives increase firm performance and the impact of industry: Evidence from Thailand Piya Pongsakonpaisan Jananya Sthienchoak - 2017
The Impact of Abnormal Trading Volume on Stock Return: Evidence from Thailand Stock Market Prapat Noysopa Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2016
THE EFFECT OF SET 50 REBALANCING ON CASH HOLDINGS Thanyalux Moothep Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2015
Effectiveness of stock-picking strategy Piotroski score in an Ohlson Model: the case of Thailand Witchaya Panyaem Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2015
Effect of Corporate Governance on Stock Liquidity: Big VS Small firms in Thailand Atikarn Monga Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2015
Why do Thai firms go public? Vutichai Honglumphong Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2015
The Effects of 2008 Financial Crisis on Firms’ Capital Structure: Evidence from the UK Nina Vattanapat Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2014
Can Analyst Cause a Jump? : Applying a Jump Detection Method in Thailand Bhanu Arunsmith Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2014
Corporate Tax Effects on Capital Structure: Evidence from Thailand and Taiwan Tanya Wongpornpenpap Jananya Sthienchoak SP 2014