The 3rd Semester Course registration and Tuition fee payment
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The 3rd Semester Course registration and Tuition fee payment
1. Course registration: Please register for courses during 15th March 2021 – 17th March 2021 (Normal Registration period)
2. Tuition fee payment:  The tuition fee must be paid in the period of 15th March 2021 – 28th March 2021. If you fail to complete the payment in this period, your registered courses will all be cancelled and an extra fee of 100 THB/day will be charged.
Summarized in this table are the courses opened in the third semester.
Courses Course Code Lists of Subject Program Note
Required Courses
2604811 Thesis (Plan A) FT Choose ‘T’ from the drop down and input 1 for the section in the course registration
Proposal : 3 credits
Final: 9 credits
For those that have an accumulated of 12 credits for Thesis, please input 0 for the credits
2604711 SP I FT/FX Except FX 15
2604712 SP II FT/FX Only for those that passed SP I
2604896 Comprehensive Exam FT/FX Students must passed these course: Fin Theory, Fin Eco, Derivative and Fin Market to be eligible to register for comprehensive exam
2604643 Derivative and Risk Management FX15
Please choose the section as follow:
Fulltime : section 1
Flexible: section 2
Elective Courses
2604663 Corporate Finance FT/FX
2604664 Strategic Portfolio Management FT24
2604665 Portfolio Performance Evaluation and Attribution FT/FX
2604666 Foundation of Behavioral Finance FT/FX
2604669 Selected Topics in Risk Management FT/FX
2604695 Financial Risk Management for Pension Plans FT/FX
2604692 Special Topics in Finance (M&A) FT/FX
Note: Late registration and adding/dropping period starts from April 5th,2021 and lasts until April 16th,2021 (4pm). For those that did not register nor paid for the tuition fee in the normal period, you must pay the late registration fee.
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