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Periods and Courses Register for 1st Semester, Academic Year 2017 

1. Students registration via website between 12-14 July 2017.

2. Students pay tuition fee 23,000 baht vis Siam Commercial Bank (PLC) within 24-30 July 2017If not, their registration will be cancelled which result in late registration.

 3. Students pay program fee :

3.1 Go to link

3.2 Fill in your information (use Student ID)

3.3 Print the payment form and make the payment at Siam Commercial Bank (PLC) by 14th August 2017 before 20.00.

Flexible-time (Section 002)

students pay 40,000 baht

 students pay 16,000 baht for New students 2017

 Full-time (Section 001)

students pay 75,000 baht

students pay 61,000 baht for New students 2017

For foreign students pay the additional tuition fee 57,000 baht

If you Fail to pay the late program tuition fee by 14 August, 2017 before 20.00 will result in the student status being revoked and have to pay 1,000 baht for the first week and pay 2,000 baht for the second week at Finance Department, 1st floor, Jaiyossompati building by 25th August 2017 before 15.00.


Remark : The process of late registration for term 1/2017 must be done between 15-25 August, 2017 at website : under the topic “Guidelines for Registration” and then pay for tuition fee 23,000 baht and have to pay 300 baht for the first week and pay 600 baht for the second week. at Office if Registrar, 2nd floor, Chamjuree 5 Building.

For late registration and payment tuition for fees with a penalty at Financial Division by 25 August 2017 before 15.00.


If you have any problem about the registration, please call to 02-2180006.


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