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Please find the attached file for List of Eligible Applicants for MSF interview#2_2020

Instructions for MSF Admission Interview

MSF Program will conduct an interview via “Zoom” video conference. The following guideline will get the interviewee prepared and ready for the interview session. The interview will last approximately 10-15 minutes. Each applicant must log into Zoom to standby before the interview time.

Please read the following information guideline carefully

1. Install “Zoom” application on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Test the audio and video device and ensure that they work properly.

2. Put the meeting ID of your interview meeting room as provided.

3. Specify “Your Name” box with your information in the following convention  (See attached images for example)

                               You Application Number + First Name + Last Name 

4. When you have logged in, each applicant will be put into a “waiting room”.

5. An applicant will be admitted into the interview by the order of names issued in the announcement. Please be ready for the interview at your scheduled time. However, the interview session may vary from applicant to applicant and your interview time can start a little earlier or later than the tentative schedule. Please standby.

6. After the interview is finished, you can leave the meeting. The interview result and accepted applicants will be announced on our program website.

Attached File

How to Interview by Zoom

List of Eligible Applicants for Interview 2020_2_Full Time_18 May 63

List of Eligible Applicants for Interview 2020_2_Flexible_19 May 63




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