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MSF Admission Announcement for Academic Year 2020

and Pre-Term Courses Enrollment

The Following list contains names and ID’s of applicants who are eligible to study in the Master of Science in Finance (English Program), Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University for the academic year 2020. Attached herewith is the list of pre-term courses recommended for the successful applicants.

Successful applicants

Successful applicants must confirm their place in the MSF Program by 12th June 2020 and pay the confirmation bond of Baht 30,000 (not refundable)Note: this confirmation bond will contribute toward your program fee once you are officially enrolled in the program. Admitted applicants who do not have English proficiency test result you have to submit the result before the end of the academic term to maintain student status.

Payment method

1. Go to link

2. Fill in your information (use ID card No. and for foreign students please ignore the alphabet and put number passport only)

3. Print the payment form and make the payment at Siam Commercial Bank (PLC) by 12th June 2020 before 20.00 pm.

Note: Failure to make confirmation within the deadline will result in a rejection form the admission.

Pre-term courses

The pre-term courses, which are open for free this year, are designed to help fill up the required basic academic background of the new-coming students. Materials to be taught starting since the first term will be built on these pre-term materials. Once the first term start, the coursework will generally consume up all your time, leaving no time to learn basic background. Hence, please go through the syllabus of each pre-term course. Unless you are familiar with the material, we highly recommend that you take it for your owned benefit.

Pre-Term class teach online with Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom (See attached courses description and class schedule)

Attached File(s)


Guide for fill in information of Student Record from Graduate School Website

List of Admitted Applicants 2020 Full Time

List of Admitted Applicants 2020 Flexible

Blackboard Manual for Student (1)

Course Description Pre Term Courses 2020

Class Schedule Pre Term Courses 2020



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